KeyLeaf’s Canadian Analytical Department Awarded AOCS Approved Chemist Status for 2021-2022

KeyLeaf Life Sciences announced its analytical department in Saskatchewan, Canada has been awarded Approved Chemist status for 2021-2022 by the American Oil Chemist’s Society (AOCS), the preeminent international scientific organization serving the fields of oils, fats, lipids, proteins, and related materials. The status was awarded after KeyLeaf’s successful participation in AOCS’s year-long Laboratory Proficiency Program, (LPP), the world’s most extensive and respected testing program for oils-and fat-related commodities. More than 500 chemists and laboratories worldwide participate in this program each year to verify that their lab quality control meets the highest possible standards using the testing and analytical methods set by AOCS.

“Approved chemist status for KeyLeaf’s analytical department means the analyses and the work we are doing are of the highest quality, and the data we are producing are very consistent and reliable and are compatible with other AOCS-approved chemist labs,” said Dr. Thushan Withana-Gamage (Dr. Thushan), Principal Scientist for Innovation and Technology for KeyLeaf.  “The AOCS rating signifies that premier lab and analytical services are available from our department for both in-house projects and for external R&D, pilot, and production clients as well.”  

Dr. Thushan said because KeyLeaf does a large volume of oils processing, the company’s analytical department has been participating in three separate oils-related LPPs: oilseed meal, marine fatty acids, and GOED nutraceutical oil.  “During the LPP we are provided with ten unidentified oil samples and asked to do an analysis of each. Our analytical department was one of the few LPP participants able to provide accurate analysis of all samples – an achievement that resulted in being awarded AOCS Approved Chemist status for 2021-2022,” said Dr. Thushan.  

“Accurate analytic methods and having good data are critical for producing a top-quality product,” said Dr. Thushan. “Everything depends on the analysis.  Proper analysis of the oils at every stage is vital for ensuring that we are processing correctly.  Error-free analysis using AOCS state-of-the-art methods is the best way for us to ensure we have produced a high-quality product meeting our customers’ specifications and expectations.”

“As principal scientist I am extremely pleased that KeyLeaf’s analytical department has been recognized with Approved Chemist status,” said Dr. Thushan.  “Our department has always enjoyed a strong reputation, and this recognition by AOCS additionally reinforces our position in the industry and serves as verification that we can and do produce highest quality data and analysis.”

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