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From-proof-of-concept to commercial production, KeyLeaf services are available to meet a full range of processing challenges. Setting KeyLeaf’s facility apart is the expertise provided by their team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians whose ability to make effective, accurate decisions reduces the number of trials needed for scale-up, saving the client time and money.

Ingredient Development

KeyLeaf has worked with many clients to assist with development of their ingredients. We have worked with various sources of biomass including:

  • Plant-based
    Pulses and other legumes, oilseed, cereals, pseudocereals, nuts and leaves

  • Biomass
    Algae, yeast, and mushroom

  • Marine
    Fish, algal

Upstream Processing

  • Seed cleaning and pre-treatments
  • Seed dehulling and milling
  • De-oiling for sources with high oil content (solvent or aqueous using 3-phase separation)

Downstream Processing

  • Extraction – Alkaline extraction or salt- and enzyme-assisted
  • Separation and purification – Isoelectric precipitation, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration, ethanol and heat precipitation
  • Modification – Hydrolysis and Chemical modifications
  • Encapsulation
  • Pasteurization – HTST (shell and tube type), Jet Cooking, Ozone treatment
  • Drying – spray drying and freeze drying

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