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From-proof-of-concept to commercial production, KeyLeaf services are available to meet a full range of processing challenges. Setting KeyLeaf’s facility apart is the expertise provided by their team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians whose ability to make effective, accurate decisions reduces the number of trials needed for scale-up, saving the client time and money.

Research and Development

At KeyLeaf, we can collaborate on projects with our Scientists to bring your company’s ideas to fruition. We’re not only helpful in establishing bench top proof-of-concept, but we can also help conduct pilots, scale-up, and assist in early-stage contract manufacturing.

Product Development

We work with our clients to bring new ingredients to life. With our specialized Food Ingredient Scientists, we can:

  • Analyze feedstock materials and prepare design of experiments (DOE)
  • Develop scalable manufacturing processes using gram to kilogram scales
  • Prepare reports that include mass balance, observation, conclusions and recommendations
  • Develop analytical methods and quality control procedures.
  • Establish product specifications by investigating purity and impurity profiles
  • Prepare technology transfer packages:
    • Prepare fully characterized kilogram to metric tonne quantities of material for industrial evaluation, prototyping, and market testing
    • Test new processes with appropriate equipment

Lab Testing

We have dedicated Lab Staff that can provide analysis on your materials. Current Lab Tests we can provide are:

  • Key Protein Based Analysis – Protein content, amino acid profile, polypeptide profile (SDS-Page)
  • Functionality (emulsification capacity and stability, foaming capacity and stability, water and oil holding capacity, solubility at different pHs, PDI)
  • Digestibility (in vitro PDCAAS)
  • Degree of hydrolysis
  • Protein structure-function relationship studies
  • Shelf-life stability testing (standard or accelerated)
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Oil quality testing – Fatty Acid Profile, Oxidation Values (PV and p. Anisidine), Acid Value, etc.
  • Proficient in a variety of AOCS, AOAC, and USP analytical methods

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